The Maungaraki Weather Station is situated high on the hills in Maungaraki, overlooking the  lower Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand.

The area is renowned for it's strong winds as air is forced into the gap between the North and South Islands, and as such is an interesting place to observe the weather from!

The weather station itself is a Davis Vantage Vue. Prior to 12th June 2010 the hardware used was an Oregon Scientific WMR928NX. The station consists of the following:

  • An anemometer (wind)
  • External and Internal humidity sensors
  • External and Internal temperature sensors
  • Barometer (pressure)
  • Rain guage

The readings are fed into a computer and recorded on a 24 hour basis. Weather Display software is used to analyse and display the data, and produce the outputs used on the website.

Weather Display Live is also used to display information on the site, in close to real time. AJAX is also utlised to display much of the weather information on the site, with kind thanks to Ken True for his efforts in producing the required scripting. provides all our hosting requirements and computer power (Thanks!), otherwise much of the equipment has been purchased as an ongoing hobby. If you would like to contribute to the site, ensuring it's ongoing existence, and the addition of new sensors, then please use the paypal donation button on the right.


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